Early Modern Center Director

James Kearney | Email

Early Modern Center Graduate Fellow, 2016-2017

Katie Adkison | Email

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Graduate Fellow Office Hours

EMC (South Hall 2510) Room Schedule

Past Directors

Patricia Fumerton 2000-2008
Richard Helgerson 2000-2001, Acting Director
Ken Hiltner 2008-2011
William B. Warner 2011-2015
James Kearney 2015-present

Past Graduate Fellows

Anna Viele 2000-2001
Stephen Deng Fall 2001
Diana Solomon 2002-2003
Stephen Deng 2003-2004
Tassie Gniady 2004-2005
Kris McAbee 2005-2006
Bill Gahan Fall 2006
Mac Test Winter and Spring 2007
Sören C. Hammerschmidt 2007-2008
Cat Zusky 2008-2009
Billy Hall 2009-2010
Theresa Russ 2010-2011
Danielle Davey 2011-2012
Christopher Foley 2012-2013
Thomas Doran 2013-2014
Phillip James Cortes 2014-2015
Kristen McCants 2015-2016
Jeremy Chow 2016-2017