2012-2013 Events


Annual EMC Conference | Risk, Crisis, Speculation: 1500-1800 | February 8-9, 2013
Contemporary discussions of “risk” or “speculation” often identify these concepts as distinguishing features of modern or postmodern societies. In this conference, we seek to explore and investigate early modern English cognates, forebears, and analogues of “risk”–including, but not limited to, “hazard” and “venture”–in early modern literature and history from religious, economic, political, and environmental perspectives. Our keynote speakers for this year’s conference are Professors Joseph Roach (Yale University) and Wolf Kittler (UCSB). This year’s conference is being hosted in conjunction with a one-day UC multi-campus research group (“w/Shakespeare”) symposium on “Shakespeare & Risk,” which will take place on UCSB’s campus on Friday, February 8th, and feature keynote speaker Professor Richard Halpern (New York University). Conference attendees and presenters are cordially invited to attend both Friday’s and Saturday’s events. For more information on this free and public conference please visit the official conference website.

Risk, Crisis, Speculation” Flyer | “Risk, Crisis, Speculation” Website


Gathering of the Re:Enlightenment Project | December 7-9, 2012
The third international gathering of the Re:Enlightenment Project met on December 7-9th, 2012 at UCSB. The Re:Enlightenment Project joins institutions and individuals who share a common purpose: improving the ways in which knowledge works in the world. It identifies, generates, and shares new knowledge and new practices through interactive exchanges, collaborative research and publication, and experiments in dissemination. The Project is “Re:”–“about”–Enlightenment in that it frames those initiatives within a history of Enlightenment’s purchase on the present, offering not just a recounting but a re-assessment. Local Organizer and Steering Committee Member: William Warner. Director: Clifford Siskin. Visit New York University’s homepage for The Re:Enlightenment Project.

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