The EMC Imprint

The EMC Imprint is an innovative open access venue for scholarly work and communication and a peer-reviewed publishing platform for digital scholarship. We would like to combine 4 virtues of our print media inheritance:

  1. Patient and rigorous care with writing, anonymous peer-review, editing & publishing
  2. Meet exacting standards of correctness
  3. A publication event of all-at-once presentation to the public
  4. A permanence that equals or approaches that of a printed product

with four virtues of new computable media:

  1. The speed, cheapness, and global reach of Internet publication
  2. By exploiting the plasticity of a computer-enabled interface, we could enjoy the productive integration of traditionally separate functions of writing, editing & design
  3. Incorporation of text,image, sound, video, database, etc. to become multimedia
  4. The final transmission of the publication to reader could benefit from earlier format and design decisions

Peer-reviewed publications will be launched soon, but below are examples of early publications under the EMC Imprint:

Remediating Interpretation, Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook
Critical Engagements, William B. Warner
Protocols of Liberty, William B. Warner